Apple AirPods

Trade your used Apple Airpods for cash and keep them out of a landfill with the help of Mac Me an Offer. Select your Airpod model to start your quote!

Selling Your AirPods

Mac Me an Offer makes it easy for you to sell Apple AirPods for cash value, store credit or a digital money transfer. Our process is simple, our compensation is fair and our responses are fast. Sell your AirPods to use in a few steps:

  • Device selection: Select the type of AirPods you want to sell.
  • Value estimation: Submit a quick form about your AirPods that we'll use to assess their value.
  • Sale confirmation: Review and accept our estimate to move forward.
  • Device shipment: Collect and print a prepaid shipping label, then package your AirPods into a safe container.
  • Payment collection: Receive money for your AirPods after we evaluate their condition.

Sell AirPods From All Generations

Select any of the following AirPods models to request a fast, honest estimate:

  • Apple AirPods Pro — 1st Generation
  • Apple AirPods Pro — 2nd Generation
  • Apple AirPods — 3rd Generation
  • Apple AirPods 2nd Generation With Charging Case
  • Apple AirPods With Charging Case
  • Apple AirPods Max

How Much Are Your AirPods Worth?

The latest edition of tech is always right around the corner, and your AirPods may be worth enough to cover a portion of your upgrade. Whether you're selling your AirPods before the next generation's release or to purchase something entirely different, Mac Me an Offer will pay a fair rate for your device.

You'll receive the best return for sending us AirPods with their original case and accessories. From there, we grade devices on a three-tier scale:

  • Flawless: Good as new
  • Light Use: Some scratches but no dents
  • Normal Use: Some scratches and minor dents

Legitimate, Fair and Fast

Your old AirPods hold value, so send them to a buyer you know you can trust. At Mac Me an Offer, we operate a reliable service that allows you to sell your AirPods at an honest rate.

We legitimize our service by providing transparency and honest price estimates. You'll receive an instant offer early in the process that accurately approximates the return you can expect.

To elevate the deal, we offer multiple choices for payment. We deliver paper checks through the mail in just a few business days and complete instant digital transfers through Zelle. You can also request Mac of All Trades store credit for your sale. We'll do what works best for you.

Request Your Instant Offer

A convenient, reliable way to exchange your old tech is at the tip of your fingers. Submit a request for an instant offer to see how much we'll pay for your AirPods.