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Once you upgrade your iPhone, what happens to the old one? Many people place it in a drawer and move on to their next model, not knowing their previous phone has value.

When you have an Apple iPhone you no longer use, sell it to Mac Me an Offer for a quick high-value cash payment. We buy many iPhone models in exchange for payments. Get the best price to sell your iPhone on our website and see how much your old iPhone could be worth! 

Which Apple iPhones Can I Sell?

Mac Me an Offer accepts most models of the Apple iPhone in different conditions. The models we'll buy change according to the demand and average market price. You can sell any iPhone, from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12 Pro, to Mac Me an Offer and receive fast payments.

If your iPhone has damage, you can still get cash for it from Mac Me an Offer. We accept Apple iPhones with operational and cosmetic defects.

Benefits of Selling Your iPhone

Debating whether you want to sell your iPhone? Consider selling your Apple iPhone if:

  • You get little use out of it.
  • It works slower than it used to.
  • You've run out of free storage space.
  • Your phone freezes up during use.
  • It lacks the features you need. 

Selling your iPhone to Mac Me an Offer comes with these benefits:

  • The ability to upgrade to a more recent model with new features.
  • A quick payment you can put toward your next iPhone purchase or anything you need.
  • Eco-friendly practices that keep electronics out of landfills and give your iPhone a second life.

How to Get the Best Price to Sell Your iPhone

Follow these steps to sell your iPhone to Mac Me an Offer:

  1. Use our Estimator Tool to receive an instant offer for your Apple iPhone.
  2. We'll send you a free shipping label and packing instructions.
  3. Send your iPhone and operating accessories to Mac Me an Offer.
  4. We'll process your order right away and send you a payment through Zelle, check or Mac of All Trades store credit within three business days of delivery.

Apple iPhones typically have a high resale value due to their popularity in the smartphone market and stable demand. These factors make it easy to sell your iPhone for a high return. The value of your iPhone is based on several factors, such as:

  • Working condition
  • Model
  • Carrier, including locked or unlocked
  • Genuine repair parts
  • Age
  • Physical condition, like cracks and scratches
  • Operating conditions, like the functionality of the buttons and ports
  • Internal storage capacity
  • Demand for a particular model

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If you're looking for the best price to sell your iPhone, choose Mac Me an Offer. We have purchased Apple iPhones for cash for more than 25 years. Submit a quote online today to get your exclusive cash offer.