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A customizable wristwatch that serves as an extension of your iPhone, the Apple Watch provides limitless functions and features. While the Apple Watch is a highly convenient device, you may find yourself using yours less over time. 

It might be time to pass your Apple Watch on to someone who would get optimal use from it. You might even consider upgrading to a better smartphone, laptop or tablet. If you're looking for the best place to sell your Apple Watch, Mac Me an Offer is a secure, efficient way to get cash for Apple Watches. 

This article will teach you how to sell your Apple Watch for cash on our website. We have all the information you need right here, including the steps to erase and sell your Apple Watch, our complete trade-in process and frequently asked questions!

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Why Should I Sell My Apple Watch Online?

There are various reasons to consider selling your old Apple Watch, like the three listed below.

1. Give Your Watch a New Life

There's no point in holding on to an item you never use, especially when another Apple user out there could give it a brand-new life. Anyone looking for a fitness assistant that also performs the functions of an iPhone — all at a decent price — would happily purchase a refurbished Apple Watch. Extend the life span and usefulness of your old watch by selling it to a new user.

2. Earn Some Extra Cash

Whether or not you plan to upgrade your device, selling your Apple Watch is a great way to make some extra dough. Even if your Apple Watch is a slightly older model, you may still be able to get a decent offer for it. 

Because Apple creates such dependable devices, these quality watches continue to sell well. You can get several years out of Apple products with proper care, so buyers are always looking for older models at affordable prices.

3. Get a New Device

Even if your current Apple Watch holds up pretty well, you may be drawn to the improved specs and features found in newer models. Maybe you're steering away from an Apple Watch altogether and would rather invest in a different device. Whatever the case, selling your old Apple Watch is a great way to earn money for a newer, faster product.

Where Can I Sell My Apple Watch?

If you've decided to give your old Apple Watch a new home, you won't want to sell it to just anyone. It's crucial that you choose a safe, reputable company and get the best possible offer for your device. That's where we come in!

Mac Me an Offer — a division of Mac of All Trades — is a credible buyer and seller of used Apple products. In addition to Apple Watches, we also purchase MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, iMacs and more. With our automated pricing tool, users can enter the model and condition of their device to see how much we can offer them for it. We accept different Apple Watch models, like:

  • Series 7 — 45mm and 41mm
  • Series 6 — 44mm and 40mm
  • Series 5 — 44mm and 40mm
  • Series 4 — 44mm and 40mm
  • Series 3 — 42mm and 38mm
  • Apple Watch SE 44mm and 40mm

Our handy price estimator ensures both excellent value and personalized customer service. We keep this process quick and straightforward so you can trade in your Apple Watch with ease.

Get Credit for a New Device

One of the best things about selling used Apple products on Mac Me an Offer is our flexible payment options. If you're looking to upgrade to a newer Apple Watch — or even another device like a MacBook or iPhone — we make it incredibly easy to do so! Here's a quick rundown of our process, which we'll explain more in-depth later on:

  1. Select your Apple device on our estimator tool to get a base price.
  2. Complete our quote submission form to receive an estimated cash value for your device.
  3. Mail us your product with the free pre-paid shipping label and packing instructions if you accept our offer.
  4. Choose one of two payment methods — Zelle or check to help you start saving for the next device you want to purchase.

How to Sell Old Apple Watches in Bulk

Because many people seek opportunities to purchase high-quality devices at lower prices, the demand for used and refurbished Apple products is constantly growing. Our products are popular with individuals looking to upgrade their devices, as well as with schools and businesses that use electronics in bulk. 

If you have five or more Apple products to sell, Mac Me an Offer can easily take these off your hands! You can start by contacting us for pricing information. Email your name, phone number and a list of your Apple products to We recommend downloading and completing our volume purchasing form to organize your list. It will ask you to provide these details:

  • Serial number and model
  • Processor speed and type
  • Whether you're including the original Apple Watch box and accessories
  • Battery condition
  • Descriptions of any operational or cosmetic defects
  • Descriptions of any major upgrades

After you email us your list, a Mac of All Trades commercial representative will reach out to you within two business days. You can also call us to speak with a team member directly. No matter the number of Apple Watches you plan to sell, we want to ensure you get the best deal for your devices.

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Our Apple Watch Trade-In Process

Getting a quote for your Apple Watch on our website is quick and simple! Allow us to walk you through the process below.

You'll start by choosing the “Accessories and Apple Watch” option on our homepage. Next, select the series and model of your watch from the dropdown menu. Enter your login details or create an account, then we'll ask you a series of questions about your device, including:

  • What is the condition of your product?
  • Will you be including all original accessories?
  • Does your device have any noticeable cosmetic or functionality issues? 

Submit your quote form after filling in your responses. We'll then make you an offer instantly unless you noted any upgrades or defects that require manual review. If you choose to accept our offer, we'll give you a free shipping label and packing instructions so you can mail us your device.

We'll complete a full device inspection after we receive your Apple Watch in the mail. If it comes as described in your quote submission, we'll send you a payment in your preferred method. You can then start the search for your new device if you plan to upgrade!

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What to Do Before Selling Your Apple Watch

When you sell used Apple devices to a reliable company like Mac Me an Offer, we'll clear any remaining data to ensure there's no trace of your personal information. But we still recommend the following steps before you sell a used Apple Watch online. Erasing data and cleaning are standard precautions to take before selling any electronic device.

1. Turn off the Activation Lock

Turning off the Activation Lock on your Apple Watch is an important first step. It removes all personal information from your device including music, apps, contacts, photos and other services. Your content will still be accessible on iCloud and your other current Apple devices after you unpair your watch. Follow the steps below to turn off the lock:

  1. Hold your iPhone and Apple Watch close together.
  2. Go to the Apple Watch app on your phone, then select “My Watch.”
  3. Select “All Watches” at the top of the page, then tap the information button (i) beside your watch's name.
  4. Click “Unpair Apple Watch." If you have a cellular Apple Watch model, you'll need to select “Remove Cellular Plan” as well.
  5. Enter your Apple ID password to disable the Activation Lock, then tap again to confirm the unpairing.

Your phone will try to create a backup of your watch after your unpair the device. You can use this backup to set up your new Apple Watch if you decide to upgrade your device.

2. Clean and Dry Your Watch

Next, we recommend cleaning your Apple Watch to ensure it's presentable for the selling process. Steer clear of abrasive materials like cleaning products, soaps, compressed air and external heat sources — these can damage your device. Instead, follow the steps below when cleaning your Apple Watch:

  1. Turn off your watch and remove it from the charger. Remove the band as well.
  2. Wipe your Apple Watch gently with a soft, lint-free and nonabrasive cloth. Lightly dampen this cloth with fresh water if desired. Remember not to use soap or any other cleaning product.
  3. Dry your Apple Watch with a soft lint-free cloth, including the back crystal.

You can also clean your Apple Watch band if necessary. This process can vary depending on the type of band you have:

  • Leather band: Wipe the leather band with a lint-free cloth. You can dampen the cloth lightly if desired — however, do not soak the leather band in water as it isn't water resistant. Air dry the band thoroughly before attaching it to the watch. Keep it out of high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Solo loop or sports band: Wipe the band with a lint-free cloth, lightly dampened if desired. Hypoallergenic hand soap is safe for cleaning these types of bands. Dry the band with a cloth before attaching it to your Apple Watch.
  • Other bands, buckles and closures: Wipe the band with a lint-free cloth, lightly dampening it if necessary. Once again, dry it with a cloth before you attach it to the watch.

3. Package Your Apple Watch

Finally, you'll need to package the watch carefully to prevent damage during transit. If you're selling the Apple Watch only, you can use the original packaging if you still have it. You can also cover it with packaging paper for additional protection. 

If you're shipping other products with your device, make sure the watch is packaged securely so it isn't loose in the box. As we mentioned earlier, we'll provide packaging instructions with your offer to simplify this process.

FAQs About Selling Apple Watches on Mac Me an Offer

You may have some other questions about selling your used Apple Watch on Mac Me an Offer. That's why we've included answers to some of our most common questions from customers below.

1. Is Mac Me an Offer Legit?

Our company is 100% safe and legitimate. We've proudly served the Apple community since 1995, providing top-notch offers and customer satisfaction. We also maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, where we have over two decades of accreditation. You can always sell with confidence and get paid fast when you do business with Mac Me an Offer.

2. How Much Is My Apple Watch Worth?

Apple Watches can vary in model, quality and condition, so there isn't one value that applies to every device. To determine the worth of your Apple Watch, we'll ask you to offer various details about your product. We'll then use this information to generate a fair and accurate offer.

3. Do You Purchase Damaged or Upgraded Products?

If your watch has any operational or cosmetic defects, please note these issues in the appropriate field when filling out a quote form. We'll carefully review these defects and provide a reasonable offer based on our repair costs.

Any standard upgrades that we offer higher payments for are described in the quote form. Other upgrades require providing additional details for manual review by our team. After reviewing this information, we'll email you an estimated cash value based on our evaluation of the upgrade.

4. What Accessories Should I Send With My Watch?

If you have them, we only ask that you send any accessories necessary to operate the device you're trading in, like a charging cable and magnetic charging dock. 

You don't need to include any other accessories — like screen protectors or extra watch bands — unless you've received written confirmation that we'll purchase them from you. 

Get an Estimate for Your Apple Watch Today

Selling your used Apple Watch online is easier than ever on our website. If you're looking to upgrade your device, make some extra cash or pass on an item you never use, you can trust us to help you score an excellent deal. 

Our high ratings, personalized customer service, upgrade opportunities and fair market values are just a few reasons why customers trust us to buy and sell their used Apple products. If you ever have questions about our trade-in process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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