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Sell Your Apple HomePod Online

Selling your Apple HomePod through Mac Me an Offer is quicker and easier than coordinating with an independent buyer. Ready to sell your HomePod for a fair price through our online platform? Our streamlined process includes a few easy steps:

  1. Select your HomePod: Choose your HomePod model from the list of editions we buy.
  2. Request an estimate: We'll collect a few pieces of information about the device to develop your price estimate.
  3. Confirm the offer: You'll get a quick estimate to review and determine if you want to proceed.
  4. Ship the HomePod: We'll send you a prepaid shipping label that you can use to ship us your HomePod.
  5. Receive payment: We'll analyze your HomePod to confirm its value before compensating you using your preferred form of payment.

HomePods We Purchase

You can request a price estimate for any of the following Apple HomePod devices:

  • Apple HomePod 2023
  • Apple HomePod 2018
  • Apple HomePod Mini

How Much Is Your HomePod Worth?

Your HomePod's value depends on a few criteria that we'll consider in the estimate form and our physical analysis. The HomePod's condition is at the top of the list. We'll group your HomePod into one of three categories when determining how much it's worth — Flawless, Light Use and Normal Use. We will accept HomePod devices with noticeable damage or defects in some cases.

Aside from the HomePod's condition, we pay more for products with their original accessories. Include the HomePod's original power cable for the best return.

Selling Your HomePod the Simple Way

Selling your Apple HomePod through our online platform offers several advantages:

  1. Simplicity: With Mac Me an Offer, you know where to find a reliable buyer without the wait or meetups. Simply request an estimate, print your shipping label and send us your device. Payment will follow shortly.
  2. Speed: You'll get an instant offer after submitting your request. Once we receive the device and assess it, we'll dispatch your payment within three business days.
  3. Flexibility: We offer three distinct ways for you to receive credit for your device. You can choose to receive a check, a Zelle transfer or credit with the Mac of All Trades refurbished store.

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