Apple Pencil

Trade your used Apple Pencil for cash and keep it out of a landfill with the help of Mac Me an Offer. Select your Apple Pencil generation to start your quote!

How to Sell Your Apple Pencil

You can receive an honest return for your Apple Pencil by selling it to Mac Me an Offer. Our streamlined process includes a fair assessment of your device's value and timely payment using your preferred channel. Here's how it works:

  • Value estimation: Fill out a brief form specific to your version of the Apple Pencil. You'll tell us about your device's age and condition, and we'll use that information to respond with a quick quote for its estimated cash value.
  • Value confirmation: Once you accept our offer, we'll email you a prepaid shipping label to send us your Apple Pencil. Our team will inspect the device when it arrives to confirm its condition.
  • Payment distribution: Your payment will come through shortly after we confirm the Apple Pencil's value. You can choose to receive a check, Zelle transfer or credit to the Mac of All Trades online store.

Accepting Every Generation of Apple Pencil

We will purchase any of the following Apple Pencil models:

  • Apple Pencil 1st Generation
  • Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

How Much Is Your Apple Pencil Worth?

We pay competitive rates for Apple Pencils that meet our criteria, offering the highest returns for products in the best condition.

Our price estimate form differentiates between three levels — Flawless, Light Use and Normal Use. A Flawless Apple Pencil looks and performs like new. Light Use Apple Pencils have some scratches but no dents. Normal Use Apple Pencils have some scratches and minor dents. We may consider an Apple Pencil with more substantial dents, so let us know about any damage beyond normal wear when you fill out the estimate form.

The Best Place to Trade Your Apple Pencil

Ready to sell your Apple Pencil online? Mac Me an Offer is a legitimate buyer that simplifies the process. There are many advantages to exchanging your Apple Pencil with us:

  • A willing buyer: Our site is available here and now, which eliminates the need to search for a reputable buyer online.
  • A fast process: From our instant offer to your final payment, streamlined digital processing means you can get your money fast.
  • Competitive returns: We offer fair estimates and payments that consider your Apple Pencil's condition.
  • Flexible payment methods: You can choose to receive a paper check through the mail or a digital transfer through Zelle.

Request Your Instant Offer

With Mac Me an Offer, you can receive a transparent price estimate by completing a quick form. We're ready to purchase your Apple Pencil, so select your model to get started.