Apple TV

Looking to get a great offer for your used Apple TV? Welcome to Mac Me an Offer! Select your device model to start the quote process.

Our Process for Selling Your Apple TV

Rather than letting your APple TV hardware collect dust, send it to us. We'll guide you through a few easy steps that end in you receiving a fair return for your old AirPods.

  1. Request an estimate: You'll tell us information about your Apple TV by submitting a brief form specific to the model and generation.
  2. Accept our offer: We'll use the information you provide to estimate your Apple TV's value.
  3. Package your Apple TV: You'll place your Apple TV device and remote into a secure shipping container, then attach the prepaid shipping label we send.
  4. Receive payment: We'll inspect your Apple TV device upon its arrival and send payment in the form of a check, Zelle transfer or Mac of All Trades store credit.

Accepting Generations of Apple TV Products

The Apple TV device is one of Apple's longest-running pieces of hardware. At Mac Me an Offer, we purchase Apple TV hardware spanning the product's history — from the first 2007 builds through the latest models. We buy the following Apple TV devices:

  • Apple TV 64GB (4th Generation)
  • Apple TV 32GB (4th Generation)
  • Apple TV (3rd Generation)
  • Apple TV 4K 128GB (3rd Generation)
  • Apple TV 4K 64GB (Generations 1-3)
  • Apple TV 4K 32GB (Generations 1-2)

How Much Is Your Apple TV Worth?

Your Apple TV may be worth enough to help you purchase the latest model or another product from Mac of All Trades. We'll base your offer on the product's condition and accessories. The highest offers are available for products in excellent condition that include all original accessories, such as the power cable and remote control.

We categorize Apple TVs into three groups based on their condition. Flawless products are in the best shape, while Light Use products have some scratches. Normal Use products have some scratches and small dents. We may still purchase your Apple TV if its condition falls short of our three categories, so check the relevant box to indicate significant wear.

Apple TV Buyers You Can Trust

Mac Me an Offer is an honest buyer looking to help you offload old devices. We refurbish and sell Apple TV products, and we depend on a trusting relationship with sellers like you to make it possible.

We've purchased hundreds of Apple TV devices from sellers who are glad they chose us, so request your estimate today!