Know These Things to Safely Sell MacBook Pro

Know These Things to Safely Sell MacBook Pro

Posted by 1Digital Admin on Aug 19th 2019

When it comes time to make a change and upgrade your laptop, you have to start thinking about two things. You first want to think about the reason you are upgrading and what product you are upgrading to. You also want to think about what you are going to do with your existing laptop, especially if it is still in good working order.

Chances are you want to make an upgrade to your existing laptop to get a new model. What do you do when there’s nothing wrong with your current laptop? One of the best things you can do is sell MacBook Pro and other models to give you the funds for your next purchase.

If you are going to sell MacBook Pro, there are steps you should take before you complete the sale. Today, we will review what to do before you sell your MacBook.

Back Up Data - If you have a MacBook that has a lot of data, you are going to want a lot of that to be successfully transferred to the new one you purchase. Before you sell, you should have purchased the new laptop and backed up all of your information and files that you want to transfer. Backing up the data will save anything you worked on while using the MacBook you are going to sell, allowing you to keep your files safe. Another reason for doing this is because you are going to have to clean the MacBook of files before you sell, so it allows you to keep what matters to you the most before you delete it to prepare your MacBook for selling.

Format the OS - Formatting the OS is the quick way to erase the hard drive and reinstall the operating software so that it is like having a new model with nothing on it. To do this, you open Disk Utility from within Preferences and select the Macintosh HD drive. Click erase and everything will be deleted while creating a new partition. You can then quit the Disk Utility space and select to reinstall from the prompts. This process can take some time, since the computer will be connecting to the internet to get the installation files to complete reinstalling and get your Mac ready for the next user who purchases this device.

Keep Your MacBook Clean - You don’t just want to clean up your MacBook internally and remove the files. The look of your MacBook and the condition it is in can affect how much you get back in return for selling your MacBook. You will get more in return if your MacBook is in good shape. Make sure that you have cleaned up the outer shell and inside of the laptop. Remove any outside stickers to maximize value. Clean up the dirt and dust and anything else from between the keys on the keyboard or the mousepad and try to get into every spot where dirt or dust could be. Wipe down the display to remove any spots. Clean around the USB and other ports and even the bottom of the machine. All of these parts will be examined when determining the value, so taking the time to clean it up can get you more money in return that can go toward paying your new model.

Find a Reliable Seller - Before you sell, you’ll want to do some research on where you plan to sell the used laptop and make sure they are reliable in providing you with a timely estimate for the sale and are trusted to give you the best value. Check the reviews from people who have worked with the seller previously to see what kind of service they provided.

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