5 Reasons to Sell Your iPad Pro For a MacBook Pro

5 Reasons to Sell Your iPad Pro For a MacBook Pro

Posted by Admin on Jul 27th 2021

Tablets combine some of the best features of both smartphones and laptops into one, and while they are incredible devices that can perform a variety of tasks quite well, they still fall short in some areas. Even Apple’s line of state-of-the-art tablets aren’t perfectly suited for every task out there, so if you’re thinking of trading yours in for a laptop, this is the guide for you.

Below, we will detail some of the best reasons to sell your iPad Pro in exchange for a MacBook, and the most effective way of going about doing this as well. To be sure, iPads definitely have a lot of features and possess an incredible amount of power as far as tablets go, but if you are looking for something for, a laptop might be the right direction for you.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of the iPad Pro

When deliberating on the differences between a high-performance laptop like the MacBook Pro and a high-end tablet like the iPad Pro, there’s a few important points to consider. For starters, while the two devices do share similar functions in certain respects, they do have two distinct uses.

Tablets like the iPad Pro, despite how far they have come, are still the more casual device. While they do have professional tools and great processors, they are certainly not as powerful as a MacBook. You also have to weigh factors like screen resolution and size, which can fundamentally change how you perform certain tasks.

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Another important factor is comfort. While a MacBook may make more sense from a performance standpoint, does it fit in with your lifestyle? Tablets are extremely accommodating in this regard, and make it easy to use just about anywhere. While laptops are built for portability, you can comfortably use a tablet while in bed, laying down, or just about anywhere for that matter. They are also much better suited for using while you are actually walking around, whereas this would be difficult if not impossible with most laptops.

These factors may seem small, but if you want to sell your iPad Pro you should be familiar with all of the different pros and cons before you make your decision. This way you will come out on the other side having made the best possible decision.

Ultimately, the device you use should make you more efficient and enable you to do what you want easier. Some of the best features of the iPad are its portability, size, ease of use on the go, slimness, and touch screen. Yet some of these things are also drawbacks depending on your individual needs. For instance, you may be at a point where you require a larger screen size in order to do your work comfortably. The touch screen can also be limiting for certain situations, whereas a mouse will offer a lot more precision.

The Best Reasons to Sell Your iPad

While there are quite a few benefits to both devices, the following points will help you see why a MacBook Pro could be the ideal choice for your specific needs. There is certainly some overlap between these devices, as they both offer portability and convenience of use in a multitude of locations. However, their inherent designs are different which makes them excel in different circumstances. To best prepare for selling your iPad (or holding onto it, as the case may be), we’ve prepared the following list of points to consider.

1.More Processing Power and Graphics Capabilities

One of the key differences between an iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro is the processing power of the latter device. A high-end laptop like the MacBook Pro is going to offer quite a bit more in terms of raw power, which opens things up a bit in terms of the apps or programs you can run, as well as your ability to browse the web and multitask at the same time.

For example, certain apps are simply not available on tablets. This is partially an issue because not all desktop style programs have been converted to an “app” format. Higher-end professional development software, video rendering, and 3D animation software are perfect examples. While there are versions of such programs available on the iPad, any laptop or desktop computer is clearly going to have a much broader range of apps to choose from for professional purposes.

From a sheer performance perspective, a MacBook Pro is going to be able to handle more sophisticated kinds of software, run more apps at once, and tackle larger jobs than a tablet. If you are seriously looking at a professional option, this is one clear reason why a MacBook will typically win out over an iPad or other kind of tablet.

It also should be noted that while iPads do have impressive graphic-rendering capabilities, especially as far as tablets are concerned, a MacBook Pro will win out in this department as well. For anyone interested in gaming or creating 3D models and rendering realistic lighting, for instance, you are better off with a laptop. You will find that these limitations bleed over to traditional graphic design as well, as apps like Procreate only allow for certain resolutions and a certain number of layers for projects. Compare that with the desktop version of Photoshop, which allows you to basically create as large a file as you want so long as you have the resources for it.

2.Better Suited For Administrative Tasks

Many find that the general workflow on a tablet is somewhat awkward. Touch screens excel for certain forms of web browsing and other tasks, but feel bizarre when trying to perform intensive word processing, data entry, and related tasks.

So this isn’t as much a performance-related issue as much as it is one of comfort when you think about traditional computing. Yes, most of us love the advancements with digital technology and how smartphones and tablets allow us to work in transit, but there’s something to be said for sitting down at a desk and typing on an actual keyboard. The mouse and keyboard combination is far better than a touchscreen for performing many administrative and data entry tasks, which might appeal to you if you need a reliable workstation device. A tablet here would only offer a substandard experience if you have an administrative heavy workflow or need to do a lot of writing, which a tablet isn’t really suited for.

3.WordPress and Web Design

Another area that laptops and desktops work well in is for all things web design. Can you design a website using tablet-based apps on an iPad Pro? Sure, but whether or not it is the optimal experience for such tasks is another story.

When it comes to designing websites, you need to be able to easily and swiftly input data, move things around, and view web pages efficiently and seamlessly. Doing all of this on a tablet would be difficult to say the least. Web designers also benefit from having a larger screen to work with when designing, and while you can make do with a smaller screen, you could very well be hindering your efficiency.

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When it comes to Apple products, you want to find the one that ideally suits the tasks you need to accomplish. Despite how versatile a tablet can be, sometimes you simply need the good old fashioned “point and click” action of a mouse to seamlessly direct your actions and create a fast workflow that is better suited to the specific task. When working in browser based applications like WordPress, for instance, this definitely comes into play. The same can be said when mocking up a web page in a program like Photoshop or Adobe XD. Just because you can do it on a tablet doesn’t mean that this is the preferred way.

4.Gain The Benefit of the macOS

Which leads into this next point that is a big one if you are thinking about selling your iPad Pro and getting a MacBook in exchange. The actual operating system you are working with can have a major impact on the way you perform certain duties and utilize the device in general.

Tablets like the iPad Pro work in an app-based environment that is more akin to an iPhone than a traditional computer. There is some overlap of course, especially because Apple has taken considerable time and effort to refine the experience for its users, but in general, the way you use a tablet vs a laptop is going to differ.

On a laptop like the MacBook Pro, you are going to have more of a classic desktop experience. This means a wider degree of app versatility, more apps to choose from, more features in terms of what your device can ultimately do, and simply a higher level of usability.

You may be very familiar with the “smartphone” style operating system that an iPad offers, and while this can help with certain areas of your workflow, there’s a good chance that you would benefit from a device that is more centered around professional work and ease of use rather than sheer portability like a tablet. The operating system of a tablet is, after all, based on communication and entertainment rather than work tasks. Even with all of the great features and apps available on the iPad, you’re still going to have a more professional experience using the macOS on a laptop.

5.MacBooks Are Still Just As Portable

You might be concerned about the portability of your MacBook, and that’s understandable if you are used to your iPad. Tablets were designed to offer a very high degree of portability, so much so that many people actually switch from laptops over to tablets, not the other way around.

However, if you are interested in getting a MacBook for professional reasons or simply need a device with more power and a bigger screen, you won’t miss out much on the portability side of things with a sleek Apple laptop. Compared to most laptops, these devices are lightweight and have a very slim profile, making it easy to carry them around wherever you need them.

While MacBooks are heavier than a tablet, in most instances you can still carry them around easily enough and use them while you take a break in your favorite cafe or library. They are popular among professionals for this very reason, because they offer the same kind of performance as most desktop computers with the added benefit of being able to be taken from one room to another or even from place to place. If you’re concerned about losing out on portability when you switch over to a MacBook, don’t be!

Sell Your iPad Pro The Easy Way

Whether you have been gifted with a new MacBook or you already have your mind made up that you are going to get one, that leaves you with the issue of having to get rid of your iPad Pro if you no longer need it. As there is a lot of overlap, chances are you won’t need both devices.

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