Best Reasons to Trade In Your MacBook Pro

Best Reasons to Trade In Your MacBook Pro

Posted by Admin on May 11th 2020

Over the course of your MacBook Pro’s lifespan, it’s natural for you to grow attached to it, even while you are experiencing degraded performance or a lack of features that would be included with a newer model. Ultimately, the best decision you could make is to trade in your MacBook Pro.

There are numerous reasons why you would want to trade in your MacBook Pro rather than keep it. However, you should first ask yourself if your computer is still working for you and living up to your expectations or not. The whole point of a computer is to make your life easier and serve as an effective and efficient tool for working, communication, and entertainment.

If you find yourself wondering why you even own it in the first place and consider it more hassle than it is worth, trading it in certainly becomes a viable option. Ideally, you want your MacBook Pro to be a reliable device in your home, but if it is no longer functioning properly or has outlived its usefulness, it might just be time to let it go.

Even if your device still operates well enough to perform basic functions, you may simply want to upgrade to a newer model or desire a different kind of device altogether. It would be pointless to keep two laptops around if you could trade one in and even make a little money off of it as well. There’s no point in keeping something around if it’s no longer performing as expected.

So how do you know it’s time to trade in your MacBook Pro? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and common reasons and then you can make a judgment for yourself.

No Longer Functioning Correctly

One of the main reasons why you would want to trade in or sell your MacBook Pro is simply because it’s not working properly anymore. Whether it’s not opening programs right anymore, it slows down at the barest hint of usage, or has a virus problem of some sort, we’ve all experienced times where our computer’s have just ceased to be as functional as they ought to be.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting defeat with a MacBook and opting to trade it in. The way technology is these days, the wear and tear adds up fairly quickly, and when you also consider that new advances in hardware come out every year that software is continually matching, your old hardwear tends to lag behind. Older processors and memory have trouble running the more advanced operating systems and programs, leading to slowdowns, glitches, and crashes.

A slow computer is no longer just an inconvenience. We’re in an age of lightning fast communication, and many of us rely on our laptops for professional work and school. If your MacBook is slowing down or even crashing at critical times during your work, this can create a ton of headaches and problems.

If you’re experiencing lackluster performance from your MacBook, the best decision you could make would be to trade it in and not deal with any potential issues that arise from relying on outdated tech.

Completely Broken or Unusable

There’s also the case where your MacBook becomes completely obsolete and unusable. Perhaps you’ve owned it for half a decade and it can’t load a webpage without eating up every bit of memory and ten minutes of your time. The machine may not even turn on at all anymore, rendering it about as useful as a paperweight.

While we would all like to think we can salvage some use out of our beloved devices in cases such as these, sometimes it’s better to face reality. If you have owned your MacBook Pro for quite some time and it has become all but useless, what’s the point in keeping it around anymore? You would be far better off cutting your losses and making plans to trade in a device like this.

You may have become attached to your device and feel as if keeping it around is important, but there’s no point. It just becomes clutter and doesn’t do anything for you. If you find yourself using your phone or tablet just to avoid using your outdated or broken MacBook, it’s time to trade it in and invest in a new one.

Doesn’t Do What Newer Models Do

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and like it or not, newer models can often do things our older computers can’t. This couldn’t be more accurate than with Apple products such as iPhones and MacBooks. Every year they seem to come out with newer models that have a ton of new hardware features or at the very least a new camera or processor.

To keep up with the times, it may be necessary to upgrade. This is especially true if your work requires you to take advantage of this new technology. It’s a reality that we all have to deal with, as the rate of technological advances continues and our reliance on it continues as well.

Your desire for a better device doesn’t all have to be professional, either. Perhaps you’re into gaming or entertainment and you need the power of a new processor or graphics capabilities. Older devices can’t keep up with the demands of the current gaming scene. For streaming HD movies or editing video for your social media profiles, you may also need a more powerful device.

The truth is, you’ll get far more enjoyment out of a device that meets your expectations and requirements rather than forcing yourself to deal with outdated technology that becomes a struggle every time you use it.

Switching Platforms

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see what a PC has to offer. You may have long been an Apple fan but have become dissatisfied with their products, or the case may be that you need the easier customization potential that a PC offers. Whatever your reason is, this is perfectly common and happens all the time.

If the idea of switching platforms appeals to you, weigh all of your reasons why. After all, you originally bought your MacBook Pro for a specific reason too. While it’s true that both platforms can pretty much handle all of the same tasks these days, there are still some areas where one platform is better than the other.

PCs are known for their customizable nature and work well as gaming rigs, while Macs tend to be extremely efficient in their use of handling multiple tasks and processing certain programs, making them a powerful choice for businesses, especially graphic designers and video editors.

No Need for a Laptop

Another perfectly valid reason for wanting to trade in your MacBook Pro is that you realize you simply don’t need a laptop anymore. Generally speaking, while laptop style computers provide convenience and enough power to do most work, they pack fewer features and less oomph than comparatively priced desktop computers.

If you’re looking for raw computing power to perform high level video editing or gaming on, a laptop is just not going to cut it. Once you come to this conclusion, the best thing to do is trade in your old MacBook if you no longer need it. While you lose the ability to take your computer with you on the go, there’s a good chance that your phone can pull some of the weight while you adapt to only having a desktop unit.

For some, the idea of not having a laptop style computer is alien to them. However, if you are in the market for a new computer and you begin to weigh all of your options, you may come to the conclusion that a desktop PC, for example, offers far more power for the money than a MacBook Pro. In that case, there’s no reason to keep your old MacBook any longer unless you plan on keeping two computers around. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with deciding that one style of computing serves you better than the other.

How to Trade In Your MacBook Pro

So you’ve made up your mind that letting go of your MacBook is what you want to do, but you may be hazy on the details. Are you supposed to return your MacBook to the store in which you bought it? Can you send it away to Apple for refurbishment or do you have to find some other kind of method?

Thankfully, the process couldn’t be simpler. While submitting your device back to Apple is actually an option, it is not even nearly the best one. This is because it takes a while and doesn’t pay nearly as much. If you’re going to trade in your MacBook at least you can come away with the best possible deal if you know where to go.

This is where we here at Mac Me an Offer can assist in your trade in. We have over two decades in the business of purchasing Apple products and have developed a simplistic system that allows you to effortlessly complete your trade in just a few days.

It all starts right here on our website, where you can select your device from the list of available Apple products that we take. MacBook Pros are among the most common Apple products we purchase, so you will likely have no trouble there. Once you select your device, you will fill out a simplistic form to create an estimate based on the specs of your computer. If everything checks out and you’re OK with the amount we are offering, just accept and we’ll send you a formal offer.

If you go ahead and accept our formal offer, we provide all the necessary documentation and instructions, as well as a prepaid shipping label you can use to send us your device. In only a few days, you will be paid via check or Zelle. The process couldn’t be easier or more efficient for the user, which is why we’ve become a trusted leader in the Apple community for anyone looking to trade in their device.

Our impeccable reputation has been built over the course of several decades of dedicated customer service to ensure that we have a process for selling your Mac that’s not only efficient, but pays incredibly well. You would be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else, especially if your first choice was relying on a peer-to-peer marketplace or some other social media forum. You would only receive a fraction of what your device is worth, and the actual logistics of the sale would be a nightmare compared to our simplified and user-friendly system.

After you go through and analyze all of the different reasons why you might want to trade in your device, you don’t have to be concerned with a convoluted process that won’t give you a fair deal. You may have relied on your MacBook for years and may feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of it, but at the end of the day you still want to receive a fair price for your trade in, and you still want the process to be as easy as possible.

Whether your MacBook is slowing down and malfunctioning, or you simply feel like it’s time to move on and purchase a new device, you can feel confident knowing that you will receive a fair trade for your device when you trade with us, and that the process itself won’t be a headache. Our dedication to the customer experience has built our reputation since the 90’s, for being reliable and trustworthy.

You can be sure that if a Mac trade-in is what you’re looking for, our secure system and competitive payout will make you a believer. If you have any questions about our process or whether your device qualifies for refurbishing, you can reach out to us at any time right here at 800-581-8987.