Best Time to Sell Your Apple Products

Best Time to Sell Your Apple Products

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Oct 11th 2022

There are a few approaches to selling your Apple devices, whether shopping for the latest apple product models or looking to make some extra cash off your older-gen computers or phones. 

Apple products sell extremely well online due to their revolutionary technological advances and reputation for reliable devices. You can also receive a great deal on your MacBook, iPhone or other Apple products. 

Learn the best time to sell your Apple products and online selling experiences to avoid so you can get the most out of your devices. 

Why Sell Your Apple Products?

Each year that an Apple device releases to the public, the quality improves and the prices increase. This marketing strategy is common among most technology brands. However, you know you will receive some of the highest satisfaction with Apple computers and phones with each development. 

Most brand users decide to upgrade their devices to the newest released product to ensure a long life span for their technology with the latest updates. This reasoning is one of the most significant contributors to Apple's success with each new phone or computer launch. 

Besides upgrading your device, you can also benefit from selling your Apple product for the following reasons:

  • You want to switch from a laptop to a PC or vice versa.
  • You prefer a different size phone or computer than the one your currently own.
  • You want to make some extra cash off of your previous Apple purchases.
  • You are going technology-free or off the grid.

No matter your reason for selling your devices, learning the best time to sell them is essential for finding the best deal for you from a reliable source.                         

When Is the Best Time to Sell Apple Products?

Depending on the Apple product you want to sell, there are specific time frames where you can get the most profit for your devices. Apple marketing trends greatly reflect user intent, and you can do the same with your selling tactics. 

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind while you upgrade or shop for a new device is to sell your older gen product after receiving your new phone or computer. Before marketing anything, it is vital to transfer all of your information from your old device to your new one. Your banking, business and personal data have become a part of your technology, so you must have everything on your new product before making a deal. 

Best time to sell your Macbook is during spring & summer

Selling Your MacBook

If you are interested in  selling your MacBook Air or Pro, there are a few time frames to keep in mind. The best time to sell your MacBook is during spring and summer. Students are preparing for the next school year during these seasons, and you have a quality computer they can use for their studies. 

You can also choose to sell when Apple releases a new MacBook product. There will be thousands of online users looking for the best deals for Mac computers as soon as they hit the market. While newer products will fly off the shelf, you can also  list your MacBook device for those who want a computer without paying the higher price tag on a brand-new device. 

Selling Your iPhone

MacBook and iPhone sales differ depending on the time of year. While computers typically sell better during summer, you should try to sell your iPhone around the winter months. Kids, teenagers and adults enjoy receiving Apple phones in good condition for Christmas without spending money on a new device. 

This time frame also allows you to make more money around the holidays to buy your gifts, so no matter what, it's a win-win situation. With Black Friday occurring right before Christmas, you can find a great deal on a new phone for yourself before you  sell your older-gen iPhone

You can also find that the best time to sell your iPhone is similar to MacBooks when waiting for the release of the newest Apple phone drop online. Buyers will continue to search for the best prices out there. 

If they choose not to purchase the brand-new iPhone, they will most likely search for cheaper alternatives online. This opportunity is where you swoop in with your older-gen iPhone that others can buy at a fraction of the price of the newest Apple product. You make a profit while the buyer enjoys their new technology. 

Selling to a Trusted Company

When selling your older gen Apple products, you must remember that you can receive a decent profit no matter the year it came out. Unless it has visible damage or no longer functions properly, you can get a reasonable price for your computer or phone. 

With this factor in mind, you may want to consider where you plan to sell your products. Some people choose to list their devices for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or other platforms with stranger interactions. While this may seem like the most convenient option for quick cash, you also risk running into a scammer

In these situations, it is essential to remember this rule of thumb when online selling — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

You can avoid online scams by focusing on the following tips:

  • Protecting your private information: Online selling should not require your phone number, meaning that you do not have to give it to strangers when someone asks for it. Consider your phone number a personal matter while selling your products is strictly business related. 
  • Noticing red flags quickly: Buyers on Facebook and Craigslist may seem excited to buy your products, but eagerness can soon turn to peer pressure. If you see a potential buyer pushing you into a deal you are not interested in, back out of the situation as quickly as possible. 
  • Sell to a trusted company: Rather than dealing with the unpredictable circumstances of online selling, you can choose to sell your Apple products to a trusted business that will pay you with a check or store credit. Choosing a credited company significantly diminishes your chances of running into scam buyers. 

Sell your apple device to Mac Me an Offer

Sell Your Apple Device to Mac Me an Offer

Are you ready to sell your MacBook or iPhone? Mac Me an Offer can help! With over 26 years of experience buying and refurbishing Apple products, you can rest assured knowing your old devices are in the hands of trusted experts. 

Our buying process is quick and easy! With our Apple product estimator tool, you can receive an instant offer for your device. From there, you can fill out our official form so we can receive the complete information about your phone, computer or other Apple product. You will receive an estimated cash value for your device after submitting the form. If you accept our offer, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label so you can mail your Apple product to our facility. 

After confirming everything is in order, you can choose a form of payment that works best for you — either through a bank-issued check or Zelle. 

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