Does It Make Sense To Sell My MacBook?

Does It Make Sense To Sell My MacBook?

Posted by Admin on Oct 12th 2021

Once users have had their trusty MacBook for a few years, they start to rationalize their way out of selling them. They either feel their work instrument is irreplaceable or that nobody will want it in its current state. With a hearty dose of mental gymnastics, both approaches can be justified to a certain degree. However, it is worth pointing out that, in most cases, selling your MacBook is a great idea.

Apple products tend to be really good at holding their resale value over time. Unlike their counterparts that quickly depreciate as soon as you open the box, a MacBook will hold twice the value other devices have at the same point in their lifecycle. There are a few reasons for that:

MacBooks Are Made To Last

If you have had the chance of holding a similarly specced laptop in your hands, you have probably noticed that they generally feel lighter and cheaper, and they certainly are. Not to say there aren't any good Windows-based laptops out there, but when you buy a MacBook, you are paying for a lot of qualitative factors that make them the superior product.

MacBook´s aluminum chassis gives users a feeling that they are in the presence of a high quality product that will hold up to wear and even some abuse. This extra protection, and the attention to detail that comes with it, provides Apple products an increased lifespan and helps them retain their value.

Peripherals and other hardware elements tend to experience the same premium treatment. One of the features that improve quality of life on MacBooks is their trackpad. Once you have glided your fingers over a MacBook´s Force Touch haptic feedback, you will never want to go back to the clumsy and flavorless PC technology.

The display quality is also top of the line, giving users that clear and crisp quality to images and video that designers and video editors love, and internal speakers have a very decent quality and warmth to them.

These elements alone make the experience of having a MacBook a lot more enjoyable than owning a budget PC with the same specs. But the best part is that they are built to last unlike most of the gimmicky gadgets used to turn regular PCs into Mac-like products. They help your MacBook retain much of its value over the years and allow you to make a decent buck when you are ready to sell it.

Demand Is Stable

Windows holds 76% of the operating system market share, while macOS is at 16%. The reason for this is that most PC makers give customers more options for people on a budget.

Apple products are generally aimed at those looking for high-end products and quality. This means that the market is never flooded with low budget Macs, thus allowing those who sell MacBooks to have a captive pool of buyers who care about quality. There are always users who would like to take a MacBook for a spin, but are not ready to buy a brand new deck yet. Apple enthusiasts want to save money, but they know what a MacBook is worth in terms of quality, durability and resale value. They know that If they invest in a used MacBook, they will be able to sell it later on without experiencing any substantial monetary loss.

You Get A Nice Lump Sum To Finance A New MacBook

You have grown fond of your old reliable MacBook. However, you start feeling you´re getting behind in terms of performance, security, connectivity and overall user experience.

However, getting a more recent MacBook model can be a bit pricey for the same reasons stated above. So, if you are a proud owner of an older machine, you can sell your MacBook in order to subsidize a newer and faster piece of tech. This effectively shaves off a significant portion of the cost and allows you to keep on top of recent developments without making a dent on your savings.

Just make sure you prep up your MacBook in order to get the most value for it. Create a backup of all your important files, sign out of all services like iTunes, iCloud and iMessage, unpair all of your Bluetooth devices, and do a hard reset. We´re sure you were a good owner and went to great lengths to keep your computer away from harm. However, it is always a good idea to remove all stickers, and give it a good cleaning. New users appreciate it when their new MacBook feels “fresh”.

Macbook Pro and it's box

If you kept the original box, you made yourself a few extra bucks. Original packaging can fetch you a higher price as it enhances legitimacy in the eyes of potential buyers.

How to Sell Your MacBook?

There are plenty of ways of selling your machine for a good price. Social media groups and sites like Craigslist are great places to list your laptop and find buyers. However, they are not the safest, and you never know if the price is right.

The fastest and safest way to get the most out of your old machine is by using our Mac Estimator Tool. It is easy to use and you will receive a competitive formal offer for your product. After you accept the offer, we provide a free prepaid shipping label so you can immediately send your MacBook and receive your money within three business days of delivery.

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