Get the Most for Your MacBook Air Trade In with Mac Me an Offer

Get the Most for Your MacBook Air Trade In with Mac Me an Offer

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Sep 20th 2019

You and your trusty laptop have had a good run, but as newer models come out and more features become available, the idea of upgrading becomes increasingly attractive. It’s only natural that you want to upgrade, even if your current laptop does not have any problems or issues.

Say you are looking at the new MacBook Air and want to upgrade from the one you already have. One way you can move on from your current laptop is with a MacBook Air trade in so you can get something in return that could actually go a long way toward your new laptop.

Trade In Your MacBook Air

Trade ins are great because they give you value for the laptop that you have no plans to use anymore. What better way to get excited about something new that you are going to purchase than to get something in return for the current one you don’t want to use anymore? Of course, before you make a decision you’ll want to make sure that you are doing a MacBook Air trade in with a reputable company that offers the most for your product. Once you’ve made that decision, there are a few things you should do before finishing a MacBook Air trade in. We will go over some of those tips today.

Clean the MacBook 

Before doing a MacBook Air trade in, you will want to clean your MacBook Air as best as you can to make it look as good as possible. Clean fingerprints and other spots off the screen and wipe down the outside of the computer. Also, remove anything that was placed on the outside of the laptop, like stickers. While cleaning the MacBook, take note of any scratches or dents and be sure to provide an accurate report of these to the buying company.

Back up Files 

Before you do a MacBook Air trade in, make sure your new laptop is completely set up with all of the files and information you need to get your work done. You can either transfer these files directly to the new laptop or save them to an external hard drive that you can use to move to your new laptop once it arrives.

Disconnect Accounts 

If you’ve used the MacBook at all, you’ve likely have linked your iCloud account to your laptop. Before you hand your laptop over for the trade in, make sure you have disconnected any accounts where files could be accessed or additional purchases can be made.

Do a Factory Reset 

If you are trading in your MacBook Air to a company like Mac Me an Offer, it is likely going to end up in someone else’s hands soon enough as a refurbished purchase. Because of this, you want to remove any traces of your ownership to the laptop by restoring to factory settings, which removes all your personal files and ensures your security.

Use Mac Me an Offer For Your Trade In Today

Now that you know some tips for preparing for a MacBook Air trade in, it’s time for you to see the value you can get with an Apple trade in by choosing Mac Me an Offer. We complete trade ins in a timely manner so you get the value you deserve fast. We take the information you provide us about the laptop and give an estimate within one business day. Once you accept, we send you documentation, instructions for shipping and a pre-paid label. You send us your item and we send you a check or the agreed value to your Zelle account within three business days. It’s that easy to get money for the Apple products you are not using anymore when you choose Mac Me an Offer for your trade in.