Get the Most from Your MacBook Trade In

Get the Most from Your MacBook Trade In

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Aug 3rd 2022

Any laptop, even those from Apple, has a certain lifespan that works for you before you start to desire something new and different. Your laptop may not perform like it used to or you may be running out of memory and need more storage space. Whatever your reasoning may be, it happens to everyone over time and you start to consider the next purchase for yourself. But what about the existing laptop?

As a laptop owner, hopefully you have cared for your laptop well and that can still give it value. There are people who carry an extra laptop around or have one in their home that can be a backup in case something should happen to their primary one. For others, any old model will just take up space until you finally get around to putting it in the trash because you got tired of looking at it taking up space.

Don’t do that with your old MacBook. Instead, explore a trade in option and see if you can get some value back for it. There are several ways you can get the most value possible from your MacBook trade in. Today, we will explore the steps you need to take to maximize your return on a MacBook trade in and what you can do before the trade in to get a little more value than you anticipated.

One of the best ways you can get the most from your trade in is to start taking care of your MacBook long before you ever explore such an option. If you think you may want to trade in your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or even other devices like the iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro desktops, you want to be sure to care for it from the start. Any Mac trade in is going to be beneficial to you if you keep the product in excellent condition from the start. This is certainly easier to do with a desktop model and can get complicated with devices that you take on the go like laptops, iPhones and iPads.

Before you actually go through with the trade in, you can also make some small fixes and adjustments that help you really get the most out of your MacBook trade in. Here are three that can easily be done before you go for your trade.

Missing Keys

If you see one or two keys missing on the keyboard of your MacBook, try to replace it yourself before you take it for trade in. You can easily get the parts needed to make the replacement, resulting in a keyboard that is completely intact and fully functional. This will certainly raise the value of your laptop.

Don’t Remove the Hard Drive

You may think that in order to ensure your personal files cannot be accessed by someone else you need to remove the hard drive. While you should definitely delete yourpersonal files, you should make sure the OS is properly restored so the company you complete the trade in with can properly inspect your device. If you remove the hard drivethe value will drop substantially. You will get more value in the long run if you just leave everything alone and have an expert team run the proper testing and remove everything to make it like new for resale after you have completed the trade.

Remove Stickers

Decorating certain objects you own or your house or car is a way of showing off your personality and making a statement about who you are. Many people do this with their laptops and attach stickers to the lid of the machine. If you have placed any stickers on the laptop in the past, remove them before your trade in. The companies that receive these trade ins don’t want to remove the stickers and that will likely bring the value down. Instead, remove the stickers so you get more in return for keeping your laptop looking good for all of those years.

When it is time for you to complete your MacBook trade in, turn to Mac Me an Offer and see what you get for your used devices, from MacBook Pros to iPads to iMacs. Your Apple product will be reviewed by a team that provides great customer service to make it easy to complete a trade. Once an offer is agreed upon, you get paid fast for your trade in too. So choose Mac Me an Offer for a team that you can trust with your MacBook trade in to get the value you deserve so you can enjoy a new Apple device.