Ready to Sell Your iPhone Online? Read This Guide First

Ready to Sell Your iPhone Online? Read This Guide First

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Jan 11th 2023

iPhones are one of the most popular choices when it comes to reliable smartphones. No matter what model you are talking about, it seems as though Apple knows exactly what users are looking for these days, as year after year their line of smartphones continues to innovate and impress.

That being said, smartphones come and go, and eventually you are going to want to trade-in or sell your old iPhone for something different. Whether you have your sights set on this year’s latest model or if you have already come into possession of a new iPhone that is way better than your old one, it leaves you with the issue of what to do with your old one. Namely, you should think about how to sell your iPhone for some extra money.

You could just leave your phone in storage someplace and forget about it, or even toss it in the garbage. But there are far better ways to go about getting rid of your old smartphones. By selling them to a reputable company, not only are you putting them back into circulation for other Apple users to enjoy, you are also getting some money back in the process. This makes a lot more sense than just letting the phone collect dust someplace in your house.

If you think you are ready to sell your phone and make some money, this quick guide will make sure you have everything you need to know so that you have a smooth experience.

Things to Consider Before the Selling Process

Things to Consider Before the Selling Process

More than ever, we rely on our phones for just about everything. So much so that we don’t even think about just how many passwords and bits of personal information we have stored on our devices. Whether it’s login information to our favorite social media apps, banking information, or other kinds of personal data, our smartphones are littered with information that we would rather not fall into the wrong hands.

Before selling your iPhone, you definitely want to make sure you go through a short but essential checklist in order to make sure that your data is safe.

Log Out of All Your Accounts

You've logged into dozens of accounts on your iPhone. If you sold it as is, the new owner would have access to every one of them. There's a lot of sensitive information inside your various accounts, including passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information and more. 

Protect your information by signing out of all accounts before selling your iPhone. Remember to sign out both in the apps and in your Safari or Google Chrome browser. Make sure you know all of the passwords and recovery emails to these accounts too so that you can sign back in on your new device.

It may help to make a list of important accounts as you go. Here are a few to get you started: 

  • Banking and financial apps. 
  • Crypto wallets
  • Social media accounts 
  • iTunes and the App Store 
  • Shopping apps like Amazon and Etsy

Back Up Your Device 

Once you have logged out of everything, make sure you have reliably backed up your favorite photos and any personal files that you want to keep. Backing up your files will prevent you from losing them when you eventually reset your phone. Plus, it will be easier to load all of your existing data onto your new iPhone if you have a reliable backup. 

There are two main ways to back up your iPhone — either to the cloud or to a computer. To back your iPhone up to the cloud, use Apple's iCloud service or another like Google Drive. The amount of storage space you can use for free is limited, so you may need to pay for more with an iCloud or Google Drive subscription. 

You can back up your iPhone to a computer by plugging it into a USB drive. However, you may not want to fill your computer's available storage with your iPhone's data, so consider moving the data from the computer to an external hard drive. You can find external hard drives that store as much as a terabyte for a modest price. 

Once you sell your phone, you will lose access to all of this data if it is not backed up properly, so you will want to take these extra steps to ensure everything is well before finally getting rid of your phone.

Reset Your iPhone 

It’s also a good idea to delete all of your apps and files once you have logged out of everything and backed up your data. A reputable reseller of iPhones will of course wipe the phone anyway during the refurbishment process, but this just gives you an extra degree of control over the situation. When it comes to handling personal data you can never be too careful!

By dealing with your data responsibly, you put yourself in the best possible situation for a buttery smooth selling process.

Getting the Best Price for Your iPhone

There are many ways to potentially sell your iPhone but if you want to get a fair price on it, you'll have to choose the right method for your situation.

You can likely receive a fair return if you sell your iPhone directly to a friend or family member, but the people you know may not be in the market for a used phone. It can even be challenging to find a reliable buyer through websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. You may find yourself spending weeks or months looking for someone to buy your iPhone, but you need the cash to purchase your upgrade now.

If you're looking for a fast, effective way to get cash for your old iPhone, take advantage of a reliable service like Mac Me an Offer. We sell used iPhones online, so we're always looking for used products to fill our inventory. Our site is the quickest and easier way to get a fair return for your device.

Sell Your iPhone to Mac Me an Offer

Here at Mac Me an Offer, we have created an easy and streamlined way to sell your Apple devices online that offers competitive rates for iPhones and iPads, as well as a wide range of other Apple products.

What you don’t want to do is put your device up for auction or list it somewhere online just to hope someone comes along to bite on your offer. Not only are these methods inefficient, there’s a very low chance you will actually get a good price on your iPhone.

It’s also worth noting that when you sell your iPhone with us, you don’t have to deal with any individual buyers. There’s no haggling of prices or having to make any kind of sales pitch as to why your device is worth buying. You simply utilize our Mac Estimator Tool, select the relevant options that apply to you, and in no time you will have an idea as to how much you can get back on your device. From there, it’s easy to accept the quote and proceed with the actual selling process. Absolutely painless and completely customer-orientated.

Learn How Much You Can Earn for Your iPhone

When it comes to selling Apple devices online, you won’t find a service that’s more efficient and user-friendly anywhere else. If you have any specific questions about how the Mac Estimator Tool works, or if you are inquiring about something else related to your device, you can also reach out to our team at 800-581-8987.