Ready to Sell Your MacBook? Take These Steps First

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Jul 1st 2019

It happens all the time with technology, a new model comes out and we instantly want it because there is always a feature that makes it more desirable. It’s very common to see people choose to sell MacBook laptops as new models come out so they can upgrade.

How to Sell Your MacBook

If you are planning to sell your Apple MacBook in the near future, there are a few things you should know before you take that step. These tips are sure to help you make the transition to a new model much smoother so you can start enjoying your new MacBook and not miss a beat.

Set Up Your New MacBook

Before you sell, get your next MacBook first. You don’t want to sell MacBook laptops without having a backup plan. Remember that you aren’t getting a new computer out of necessity, but because you desire the new model, so it’s not like you need the new computer to complete any work or tasks. Before you jump in on a new MacBook and sell your old one, make sure that your new MacBook is all set up and ready for use.

Back Up the Old One

 You may be getting a new MacBook, but the files on the one you are selling are valuable to you. Before you sell, you want to make sure that everything that is important has been transferred to the new MacBook and that your files are backed up so you can let the old model go.

Erase Your Hard Drive 

Just because you backed up all of your files doesn’t mean that you are done with the old MacBook. When you sell MacBook laptops for resale, you never know where it will end up next and you don’t want the new owner to have access to files that could contain information that is important to you. When you have everything transferred to the new MacBook and backed up, you should permanently delete the files so that there is no trace of a previous owner.

Remove Authorization of Apple Accounts

Apple allows you to back up to iCloud and to store all of your photos, contacts and more in your Apple account. Before you sell your laptop, make sure you remove authorization to Apple accounts like your Apple ID -- which gives access to iCloud -- and iTunes.

Keep It Clean

As you use your MacBook, it will become dirty and dusty from being out in the open for so long. If your plan is to sell, you want to sell a product that looks gently used and in excellent condition. Before you sell, utilize a professional cleaning kit to remove the dirt and dust that gathers on the screen, around the keys on the keyboard and around the actual hardware of the laptop. Doing this can help you get a little more value out of your MacBook from a buyer.

Use the Original Box 

If you have the original box that your MacBook came in, this can be another way to improve resale value. You may also have contents like the charger, user manual, accessories and more. It’s as close as someone is going to get to buying it new out of the box and is another sign that you have given your MacBook dedicated care.

Each of these steps can help you get more value and keep your information safe as you make the transition to a new MacBook. When you sell MacBook laptops and get a new MacBook for yourself, you expect it to be an exciting time, but leaving behind valuable information and not cleaning the hard drive to be like new can lead to problems down the road. A few steps of preparation can keep you safe and allow you to fully enjoy your new laptop.

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