Sell MacBook and More with Mac Me an Offer

Sell MacBook and More with Mac Me an Offer

Posted by Admin on Feb 5th 2020

As the owner of a MacBook, you know that it is a quality machine that offers a lot of great features, easy usability, and lasts for a long time. But after a certain point, you start to notice that it does not work like it did in the past, and you start to think about upgrading to a new model.

In the time since you made that significant purchase, Apple has made changes to the MacBook on some level, even if it’s just a small adjustment, and you will likely want to make the upgrade to get the newest model you can. Of course, new Apple products can get pricey, plus you would have your old MacBook sitting around. What are you supposed to do with it?

You could give it to another member of your family or within the household, but you don’t get anything in return for that. What you should do, assuming the laptop has no use within your own home, is sell it to get some money that you can use to pay for your new laptop.

If this is something you are interested in, then you should take note of some of these guidelines. We’ll take you through some of the steps to prepare your MacBook for sale so you can get the best value. We’ll go over the steps of actually selling the product. And we’ll give the reasons why you should sell MacBook and other Apple devices that you no longer use.

Tips for Selling Your MacBook The decision to sell your MacBook or any other device can be difficult. Over the years, you develop an attachment to your device, but when the time comes to upgrade to something new and move on, the best thing you can do is try to get some value out of it and sell it.

Before you do sell and present it to a buyer, you want to make sure you have done everything you can to maximize its value. Here are a few tips for things you can do before you sell your MacBook.

Physically Clean It - It is certainly important to present a product in good physical condition to get the most value for it. Before you sell, make sure the device is cleaned up and polished to look the best it can. Hopefully, you have already taken good care of the device from the beginning and there are no dents, scratches, or notable damage that would affect.

Complete a Backup - If your plan is to get a new laptop as an upgrade and sell your existing one, you want to complete a backup of all of your files so you can easily transfer them to the new laptop. This transition period is a great time to make sure everything is saved and that you can continue with whatever you were working on before you completed the sale. Just a quick use of Time Machine can help to give you the backup you need or you can clone the hard drive of your Mac.

Check the Battery - One of the first signs that a MacBook is starting to take a dip in performance is when the battery starts to drain. When you get a new MacBook, the battery life is usually several hours, up to 12 to 14 in some cases. As you use the laptop with regularity, the battery starts to drain, especially as you collect charge cycles. It’s inevitable after a certain amount of time that you need a new battery. You can keep the value of your MacBook up by taking care of the battery and recognizing when its health starts to degrade. Replacing the battery close to when you decide to sell could amount to more value for your MacBook.

Make Sure All Essentials Work - A company that buys the laptop from you is either intending to sell it again as used or refurbished or will use it for parts. Of course, there will always be times when the laptop can be used for parts because it no longer works at all. That said, if the computer is still in good working order, you want to make sure all of the essentials work well. The keyboard should be fully functional with no keys missing or malfunctioning. The touchpad should be responsive and allow for navigation. The screen should be free of cracks and have no damaged pixels. All of these things can help to improve the value of your laptop.

How to Sell Your MacBook If you have decided to sell MacBook or other devices, you should know the best place to turn to get the most value. You should sell with Mac Me an Offer. We have paid out tens of millions of dollars since the beginning in 1995, to thousands of satisfied customers. Be sure to check out our reviews to see how other customers have succeeded in getting a great value for their Apple devices.

With so many success stories, it is a no-brainer to choose Mac Me an Offer to sell your Apple devices. So, how is it done?

The process of selling with Mac Me an Offer is very easy and takes just a few steps. You start by selecting the device you want to sell from the menu. After listing some brief information and filling out a seller form, you will receive a formal offer within one business day. After you decide to accept the offer, you get the documentation, instructions and a prepaid shipping label sent to you from Mac Me an Offer. All you have to do is mail the device to us. Within three business days, you will receive payment via check or Zelle.

That’s all there is to selling your MacBook or other Apple devices.

Why You Should Sell MacBook Of course, part of the selling process is making the decision to sell. There can be an attachment to a device that you have used for years and you may even be considering just trying to get it repaired if there is anything wrong with it. Sometimes a sale can be the best choice for a variety of reasons.

Here are three reasons why you should sell MacBook and other Apple devices.

No Longer Using Device - The easy thing to do with a device you are no longer using is to just sell it to get it out of your home. When you decide an upgrade is necessary, you will want to consider how you are going to get the upgrade and what should happen to the old device. A sale can help to take care of a device that you no longer use and realistically give it a second chance. It may end up becoming someone else’s laptop if it is sold again. 

Money Toward New Purchase - If you are thinking about a new purchase, agreeing to sell your old laptop can help you get some money toward the new purchase. Buying a new MacBook or iPad or iPhone is a significant purchase that costs a premium amount of money. There are really no discounts to be found when it comes to buying new Apple products, but you can get some money toward the device when you make a deal and get paid quickly as you do at Mac Me an Offer.

Remove Clutter from Home - Over time, the old devices you use over the years can build up. The thought of selling a device may cross your mind as you think about making an upgrade to a new MacBook, but what if you have gone through two other iPhones, an iPad, and other devices before you ever considered selling? You may have all of these items just sitting around your home, collecting dust in a closet. The best way to rid your home of this clutter that is not being used is to sell it and get something back for it. Even devices that are multiple generations old still have value because of the parts, so you can still get something even for the devices that you haven’t thought of in years.

When you want to sell MacBook and other devices that you have used over the years, the choice is easy. You want to turn to a place that makes the best offers and gives you the most value for your devices. That place is Mac Me an Offer.

All you have to do is fill out the seller’s form and we will take care of the rest. We provide a quote for you and if you accept, we will handle the documentation and the shipping so that all you have to do is get the device to us and we will process your payment. It’s that easy for you to get money for the devices you don’t use anymore.

These devices become such a big part of our lives that we don’t realize how they pile up over the years. There are always new models coming out and when they do, you want the biggest and best thing on the market. You make the upgrade and the old device just sits there. This can start a vicious cycle where years worth of old generation models ends up collecting dust over time. Instead of keeping them in your home doing nothing, why not get something for them?

It’s why many customers have chosen Mac Me an Offer over the years. You get honest service and quality offers for your old devices. If you have any questions about the devices you have and how to get started with selling them, you can contact Mac Me an Offer and have all of your questions answered and concerns addressed so you can sell with confidence.

So, start to find your old devices from around the house and visit Mac Me an Offer today. You will be thrilled with the extra money you can get from selling devices that you don’t think have any real value anymore.