Sell Your iMac at Mac Me an Offer

Sell Your iMac at Mac Me an Offer

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Dec 5th 2019

Getting rid of a cherished friend, an appliance that has seen you through countless deadlines, countless work crunches, perhaps even seen you through college, graduate school, that has seen you through relationships, through apartments, homes, jobs—well, that can be difficult. But it isn’t impossible. Sometimes, you’re just done. As with human relationships, sometimes your relationship with your iMac outlives its usefulness. It doesn’t matter how fondly you think of that crack in the display that happened when you missed catching a beer thrown by your friend. It doesn’t matter how well-adapted you’ve become to that keyboard missing the letter “a”. If you really value your iMac, you’ll sell your iMac to Mac Me an Offer.

Learn About Our Process

Our process is simple. We do all that we can to provide you the best value on your iMac. This is achieved through a simple evaluation process. First, we review your submission and take your answers into consideration. Then, we send back an estimate detailing the price that we are willing to pay for your iMac, which you review. After choosing to accept the offer, you’ll be sent a prepaid shipping label to help send the device to us, and, once you do, you’ll receive a payment within three business days.

How to Prepare

The question is, of course, how do you get the most money for your device? First off, move all your files off the iMac that you’re selling to Mac Me an Offer. Ideally, you’d want to purchase your new computer prior to selling off your iMac, so that you can back-up files, and so that you can make sure that all your ducks are in a row before you sell. Regardless, get rid of your files. You never know where your computer might end up and you don’t want the new owner to have access to any of your information, for obvious reasons. After you back up all your information, on an external hard drive or another machine, make sure to erase your iMac. Also, remember to remove authorization to all your Apple accounts, like your Apple ID and iTunes. Apple allows you to back all this stuff up into the cloud.

Make Sure to Clean Your Device

Here’s the crux, though: the most important single factor as it applies to resale value is the cleanliness of the iMac. When you sell your iMac you’ve got to keep it clean. Wipe down the screen. Get out all the gunk that builds up between keys. If you’re really dedicated, purchase and use a professional cleaning kit, and crack the machine open. Get out all the dust that gathers on the hardware. Give the CPU a little spit-shine (don’t literally do that).

Also, if you’ve got the original box that the iMac came in, repackage it that way. This may increase the value of your beloved iMac. Buying a refurbished iMac in the original box is the closest a customer will get to buying one new. It’s a sign you’ve provided your iMac the care it deserves.

Research Where to Sell 

But why should you sell your iMac to Mac Me an Offer? Well, think about it. Before you sell your iMac, you’ll want to do some research. You’ll at least do a cursory Google investigation. You’ll want to know that whomever you’re selling your iMac to will be prompt about paying you, and about giving you a good estimate for the price of your device. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not selling to just any moron off the street. Our goal, at Mac of All Trades, is to provide you with a fair offer for your iMac, as well as quick payment. We’ve been in the business for over two decades, providing a superlative degree of service to the Mac community. We have an impeccable reputation, in part because our service is customized to accommodate the needs of the Apple community.

Sell Your iMac to Mac Me an Offer

Know that with us, the machine you’ve put so much of your life into will be taken care of properly. You’ll go home with cash, and we’ll do everything we can to refurbish your iMac. And, what better way to go into that next phase of your technological life that with a little bit of cash in pocket? Contact us today at 800-581-8987, or at to get started. You’ll get great service and the best price. We’ve completed tens of thousands of transactions. We know what we’re doing.