The Best Way to Trade In MacBook Pro

The Best Way to Trade In MacBook Pro

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Oct 14th 2019

You can get many great years out of your MacBook before the desire to get a new model grows. But if you love Macs, you may choose to upgrade earlier than absolutely necessary in order to get the latest and greatest features. When you reach that point where you feel like you can’t get anything more out of your laptop or know you want to make an upgrade as soon as possible, there are better ways to move on from your old laptop than to just leave it sitting to collect dust.

Trade In Your MacBook Pro

One of the options you may not have explored yet is to trade in your old MacBook. It’s a great idea because you will find there is still value for the old MacBook as you prepare to get a new model. You may not want to officially trade in your MacBook until you have made a new purchase so you can move everything to your new computer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to consider the possibilities.

To trade in MacBook Pro and other devices means to get value out of them before you stop using them for good. These models can always be sold as used products or refurbished for re-sale, so there can still be something to gain from choosing to go with a trade in instead of holding onto the laptop for years.

The Trade In Process

If you have decided to trade in MacBook Pro, there are some steps you should take and things to consider before you part ways with your trusty laptop. From making sure the hardware looks good to clearing off the software, we will break it down for you so you know what to do.

Submit Your Product

But first, you should know our process, the steps we take at Mac Me an Offer to give you the best value on your existing laptop or device. The process begins with your interest in selling or trading in the product. We review each product submitted so we can make a proper evaluation of quality and appearance and determine the condition of the product. This is what allows us to send an estimate back to you within one business day so you can review and choose to accept or decline the offer.

Wait for Our Offer

Once you accept the offer, we take care of the rest. You get a pre-paid shipping label to help send the device to us. Once we receive the product, you will receive payment within three business days. It’s that easy to do.

Increase Your MacBook Pro's Trade In Value

Of course, you can maximize the value of your devices by doing a few things before you trade in MacBook Pro. 

Clean the Exterior

The best way you can do this is to start by making the appearance of the product look neat and clean. Try to remove any dirt on the outer shell, analyze the screen to make sure it’s clean, make sure any keys are not missing and remove any stickers that were placed on the outside of the device. Ideally, you will have kept the device clean and free from dents and scratches, but it can be nearly impossible for everything to be perfect. Whatever you can remove, do it and that will show the care you have given the device over time.

Clean the Files and Reset

After the device looks great, you can start to take care of the internal aspect of the laptop. If you have moved files over to a new device so you didn’t lose them, delete them from the old hard drive. Reset the factory settings and remove things like iCloud access and saved passwords so a new user can’t get to old information that should be gone.

Use Mac Me an Offer Today

It’s all part of the process to trade in MacBook Pro when you go to Mac Me an Offer. You should be able to get the value you deserve for your existing MacBook, especially if you have taken good care of it from start to finish and kept it free of damage. If you want to get something in return for your old device that can help fund your next purchase, trade in MacBook Pro and start looking at new models right away to see if there is something specific you are looking for.

With Mac Me an Offer, it is easy to get rewarded for being responsible with your devices when you simply send in the request for a quote and let our expert team do the rest. We want you to get the value you deserve for the devices that you have used gently and responsibly for the last several years as you begin a new journey with a new product.