Use These Tips to Sell MacBook Air

Use These Tips to Sell MacBook Air

Posted by Mac Me an Offer Tech Team on Sep 13th 2019

Apple releases new models of its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptop series on a regular basis. Over time, the computer you are using may not be what you want any longer and you start to think about upgrading to one of the new models.

The thought of making an upgrade is certainly understandable, but it also presents a bit of a dilemma. What are you going to do with the old laptop you don’t want to use anymore? If you haven’t thought of selling, you should. If you sell MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models that you don’t plan to use any longer you can get some money toward your new computer. Also, the computer will end up in the hands of someone who’s interested in your current model, which is much more eco-friendly than just throwing the old computer in the trash.

Sell Your MacBook Air

So if selling MacBook Air is the way you want to go, what can you do to make sure you are doing it the right way and safely selling it? Follow some of these tips and you should be set. We will review those tips as you prepare to sell your MacBook Air.

Clean Your Mac 

The way your MacBook looks can be a huge determining factor in what the value is for a trade-in or sale. From the day you purchase your MacBook, how you treat it remains relevant until the end, whether you have intentions of selling it at some point or just want to get the most life you can out of it. Even the smallest nicks and scratches can damage the value. That said, you probably wouldn’t sell a laptop that has been beaten up and may not have any value in a sale anymore. You probably have a laptop that is still in great condition and can recover some decent money toward your next purchase. In that case, make sure that the laptop is cleaned up and looks as good as it can before looking for estimates.

Remove Files 

Before you sell MacBook Air or any other electronics for that matter, you need to make sure you restore your MacBook to factory settings so your files are no longer on the device. Back up your hard drive so you can easily transfer everything to your new device after the sale is complete.

Use Original Packaging 

It may be an afterthought to hold onto the original box and packaging for the laptop you bought several years ago. But if you still have the original box to send with your computer, it can help increase the value when you sell MacBook Air.

Be Descriptive 

To get the most value out of your sale, highlight all of the device’s features and be descriptive. If you are enthusiastic about your computer’s specifications it will let people know that there is still value in your old computer.

Be Honest 

There is a reason you are selling your old MacBook, so be honest about those reasons. Is there an issue that you couldn’t work with that may not bother someone else? Did you just outgrow the memory, storage, or ports, which still may be a perfect fit for someone else? Be transparent about any issues and the reasoning behind selling the computer to make it easier for the device to find a new home with the right person.

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