Why You Should Consider a MacBook Air Trade-In

Why You Should Consider a MacBook Air Trade-In

Posted by Admin on May 25th 2020

It’s more important than ever in today’s world to keep up with the latest trends in technology and computing devices, otherwise you may be unknowingly limiting yourself in many ways. If you are relying on an outdated computer or mobile device, there is a chance that you are dealing with an unnecessary level of aggravation and may even be missing out on important software and quality of life features.

You should consider a MacBook Air trade-in if you find yourself frustrated whenever you attempt to perform even the most routine digital tasks. While a decade ago it was easy to consider laptops a luxury item that most people didn’t really need, these days having a powerful and efficient computer or mobile device is nearly essential. If you are working with an outdated model, chances are you are experiencing one issue after another.

When your computer reaches the point where it no longer makes your life easier but instead is a constant source of inconveniences, a MacBook Air trade-in may be the solution you’re looking for. When you originally purchased your computer you likely thought it would last you a long time, and maybe it has, but technology advances at a faster rate every year. If you aren’t keeping up, your computer will probably do you more harm than good.

Why Digital Technology Evolves Differently Than Anything Else

Most of us grew up with this idea that when you purchase something, it’s supposed to last. This goes double for anything that costs a lot of money, especially in excess of hundreds of dollars. The reasoning goes, if you’re to spend that much money on something, you will be getting your money’s worth over the life of the product in question, whether it’s a tool, appliance, or anything else.

These days, this concept has been flipped on its head. If you want to keep up with technology, you almost have to do away with the notion that just because you paid a lot of money for something doesn’t mean you’re supposed to keep using it for a decade. The computers of 2010 and the computers of 2020 are very different animals. Most low-end mobile phones of today are more powerful than standard home computers were back in 2020, sometimes by many orders of magnitude.

In short, modern computers and mobile devices aren’t designed to give you a decade or more of value. They are designed to provide instead a massive amount of immediate gratification in the short term, only to be traded in later for a newer, more adept model.

This is the cycle of digital technology, due to the rate at which it evolves. You may be wondering however, are computers really evolving so fast to the point where a computer created back in 2010 is really obsolete in today’s world? After all, you only need a few standard features to perform most basic computer functions, such as using email and chatting with your friends on a webcam.

While the general functions of such a computer may outwardly appear the same, the advances in software and expectations for certain things we do every day have been rapidly changing. The webcam on such an older device will be grainy, likely in an awkward aspect ratio, and will create a poor experience for everyone.

The operating system will be slower than molasses, when at the time it felt lightning fast. This is due to the hardware not being able to handle newer software updates, or being incompatible with certain apps that don’t have versions that match up with the older specs.

There is also the processor and memory to consider when you are comparing an older computer to a newer Apple device. An original MacBook Air had a processor no stronger than what you might find in an iPhone 7 or X.

Today’s world is completely different than 2010, even if it feels like it was only a few years ago. While our perception of it may distort how we feel about our devices and the current state of technology, it doesn’t change the fact that if you have a MacBook Air or similar device from between 2010 and 2014, you are almost certainly working with technology that is ripe for an upgrade.

Modern day Apple hardware is built primarily to deliver software efficiently. Everything is about apps now, it’s a software driven world. Everything we do is dominated by apps of all kinds, be them for banking, entertainment, speaking with friends, dating, playing games, or anything else.

All of these apps are dependent on increasingly complex software that not only takes up more harddrive space, but also more memory. The apps of today can’t be housed on the devices of yesteryear, as there would simply be a lack of power, space, and memory to pull it all off.

This is why a cheap Android phone feels horrible to use. Just a few modern day apps bog them down so much, that they become nearly impossible to use without becoming frustrated. The same thing is happening when you use your old MacBook Air. It’s slowing down and becoming “glitchy” because the hardware no longer supports the software.

How many times have you had to delete photos and apps that you like just to make precious room on your harddrive for something new? How often have you had to close all your apps or restart your computer because of how dreadfully slow it was running? How many times has your device freezed and made you force quit an application or even power down the device manually?

This is the same story for anyone who has put up with an aging device. There may not even be anything inherently wrong with your MacBook Air, because Apple devices are high-quality and the hardware is indeed built to last. But that doesn’t reflect the reality of modern day software, where a meager dual-core processor and 2 or 4 GB of memory is simply not going to cut it. Many modern day video games and applications require at least 4GB just to run, to say nothing of multitasking or running them at higher settings.

And the annoyance of having to constantly make room on your computer for photos and apps because your miniscule 120GB HD can’t keep up will simply grate on your nerves after a while. It may seem like the better choice to just stick it out with an older computer, but you have to ask yourself, is the aggravation really worth it?

Save Time With a Newer MacBook

This is another huge difference between older analog technology and the modern digital world. It’s not so much about saving money anymore, but saving time. While you always want to find the best deal possible on your Apple Mac products, it’s time that you’re really after when you are looking for a new device.

You don’t even realize how much time you waste on an older computer until you get a new one in your hands and you wake up to the fact that you were simply spending way too much of your time waiting for applications and browsers to load. Even starting up an older computer can turn into a marathon. Waiting for a computer to load, even if it’s for ten seconds, is time that adds up quickly. In the immediate short term it may feel like only a minor inconvenience, but if you use your laptop frequently for work or school, you may be surprised to learn that giant chunks of your day are evaporating just staring at the screen waiting for applications.

Another huge aspect of time saving that you have to take into account is the fact that on older devices, big applications are much more likely to crash. This is often because they do not have the right amount of memory to function.

Many of our most favorite professional applications like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects run off of a memory cache system. Every time you perform an action, the application must save the previous state into memory somewhere. Depending on the task and the application, it may also save a piece of data on your hard drive as well. These memory caches streamline the design process and are required for proper use of the program.

The problem is that these caches can become bloated fast. A laptop running 4GB of older memory doesn’t stand a chance against modern day Adobe products, which will crash often under these conditions. Every time an app crashes, it wastes a lot of your time, even if no data was lost in the process. You still have to open the app backup and load everything back in.

Newer devices save you time because not only are they faster in general, they won’t crash nearly as much when you are running high-demand applications. This causes less stress and headaches and allows you to get more done, because you’re not wasting as much time rebooting apps all of the time.

An inefficient machine is a huge time sink. Computers are supposed to save you time by maximizing your efficiency and providing you with tons of features and apps to help you plan your day, get stuff done, and speak with friends and family on the go. There’s no point in using a computer that actually hinders  you from doing these things. Not only is it extremely counterproductive, you’re causing yourself loads of unnecessary stress and aren’t even taking advantage of the purpose behind owning an Apple laptop in the first place.

Trade-in Your MacBook Air Online

It’s possible to rid yourself of your old device and make some decent money in the process that you can put toward a newer model that will perform the functions that you need it to. Here at Mac Me an Offer, we make it easy to get the most money for your Mac by making the trade-in process simple and streamlined.

You can simply use our Mac Estimator to determine the relative worth of your device, and if you are okay with that, we can easily send you a more formal estimate based on this agreed price. Acceptance of this offer initiates the process of trading in your MacBook Air, which we make as easy to understand and go through with as possible. You can be sure that you are not only getting the best possible deal for your MacBook Air, but you will also receive the best in customer service as well.

For over two decades we have been serving the Apple community and helping owners just like you make their lives easier by trading in their used Apple products at the best price possible online. You don’t have to concern yourself with any complicated mailing procedures or haggling, as our online process is simple, straightforward, and designed to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

You don’t have to deal with an outdated and inefficient device. If you find yourself frustrated with your laptop, it’s time to trade it in, and there’s no better way to do it than with Mac Me an Offer. Here you can easily view the make and model of your device with our Estimator, input a few other parameters to help us determine the value of your device, and in seconds we will estimate how much your MacBook Air is worth. The entire process of trading in your device and receiving payment can be performed in as little as a business week.

We pay out through secure methods such as Zelle and we even provide the shipping label for you to send us your device with. Everything is streamlined to meet your needs and provide you with an easygoing experience that you can trust. If you have any questions about performing a MacBook Air trade-in or simply want more information in general, you can easily reach us at 800-581-8987.