Your iPhone Trade-In Value: What Determines It?

Your iPhone Trade-In Value: What Determines It?

Posted by Admin on Sep 28th 2021

You have learned that your iPhone is on its way out. Or, maybe you just want to upgrade to the newest version to improve your overall user experience. Either way, your old phone is going and a new phone is coming. However, what are you supposed to do with your old iPhone?

You have plenty of options of what you can do with it and it fully depends on you and your needs. You can recycle it, give it to a friend, sell it to neighbors or even strangers, or even donate it. One of the most popular measures to take, however, is to trade it in.

When you trade in your iPhone, you get money back! This is an ideal choice for those who are going to soon be purchasing a new iPhone, which inevitably has a high price tag. To combat that, you can use your trade-in money towards your new one.

This is also a great choice for those who aren’t looking to purchase a brand new device because hey-- who doesn’t like “free” money?

However, there are several factors to consider before you do end up trading in your iPhone with us at Mac Me an Offer or any other company because the trade-in program anywhere is unique to each and every iPhone. Therefore, your iPhone trade-in value may be different from someone else’s, even if it’s the same make and model.

What Determines an iPhone Trade-In Value?

No matter where you trade in your iPhone, there are a number of factors that help determine the trade-in estimate for your iPhone.

Series, Model, and Carrier

This is the first and foremost point that trade-in programs consider when determining your iPhone’s value. As you might imagine, the more recent the iPhone is, the higher in value it will be during the trade-in. An iPhone 12, for example, will get you a much larger payout than an iPhone 7.

There are also specific series and models that are no longer eligible for trade-in in certain places. Be wary of that and call to ask the trade-in program’s company if you are unsure.

All programs not only use which series your iPhone is, but they also use the model. Is it an SE? And how many GB of storage does it have?

They even require you to know your carrier. Did you purchase it with Verizon, AT&T, or someone else? These are questions that will be asked as well and will play a large role in the ultimate payment.


The condition of the phone is yet another vital consideration. If it is in excellent condition, then you’ll receive more money. If it is in poor condition, in contrast, you will get much less money.

An iPhone that is in “excellent” or “very good” condition will have very minor scuffing or scratches on it. They will also have no damage to the interior, affording a seamless user experience.

In order to decipher which condition your iPhone is in, you’ll need to ask yourself several questions:

●Does it turn on?

●Does the screen completely illuminate?

●Is it fully functional? Consider the following features:

○All buttons and ports


○Speakers and microphones

○Calling, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

○Unlocking functions (face recognition, thumbprint, passcode)

○Battery life and charging

By evaluating your iPhone and its functionality, you will effectively assist yourself in deciding what condition it is in. Then, you can either get more or less payment for it during trade-in.

Unlocked or Locked

When your iPhone is unlocked, that means that you can use any SIM card within it. Therefore, you can use this phone with any carrier. It isn’t “locked” into any specific one. Meanwhile, a locked phone has a software code on it that disallows usage with another network/carrier.

This is yet another determining factor that you should consider when trading in your iPhone, as an unlocked phone increases in value in comparison to when it’s locked.

Paid Off Contract

If you have financed your phone, you need to focus on this point heavily. If you haven’t paid it off completely, you most likely cannot trade it in at all. This is, however, completely dependent on with whom you have the contract.

Apple, for example, offers an upgrade program specifically for those who have a contract with them so you can trade in your phone for a new one, even if it isn’t fully paid off. Talk with your carrier or retail store to find out if you can.

Why Use Mac Me an Offer?

We know you have a lot of options in front of you for trading in your iPhone, but we are unparalleled in our services. When we give you a payment for your iPhone, we provide you with actual money (and the highest amongst our competitors, no less!), not only “store credit.” We understand that you want and deserve the freedom to do what you want with your newfound cash.

We can’t wait to help you trade in your iPhone so you can upgrade, so please give us a call at 800-581-8987 with any and all questions.