What Can You Expect From a MacBook Air Trade-In?

What Can You Expect From a MacBook Air Trade-In?

Posted by Admin on Sep 2nd 2020

If you have been thinking about trading in your old MacBook but have no idea what to expect from the process or how to go about it, this quick guide will help clear the air a little. If you take the right steps, a MacBook Air trade-in is easy, but the key is having a reliable method and understanding what to expect beforehand.

The first step is being 100% comfortable with the idea of selling your MacBook or other Apple device. Just because you don’t use your computer as much doesn’t necessarily mean the best option is trading it in. If you still find yourself relying on your MacBook a couple times a week, there’s still reason enough to hold onto it.

When it comes to having a personal computer these days, they seem to be more important than ever. We do our taxes on computers, perform banking transactions, check up on loved ones, perform work for our jobs, and hundreds of other little tasks. A MacBook Air is the perfect device for watching Netflix in bed or getting work done on the go, so you have to consider if you are completely alright with giving up these benefits or if you have a suitable replacement in mind.

One of the most common reasons why you would want to unload your old MacBook Air is because you have purchased or acquired a brand new MacBook or other computer. This is understandable and an excellent opportunity for a MacBook Air trade-in, because you won’t really be losing anything by selling the device. Actually, you will be gaining a decent chunk of money if you take the right steps.

Regardless of the reasons you have for selling your MacBook, by taking the proper steps beforehand, the process will be far easier and more streamlined. The following tips will help point you in the right direction in terms of selling your device without any hassle.

General Tips to Selling Your MacBook

The first major point you want to take into consideration when performing a trade-in is to take advantage of the Internet. There’s no reason why you should have to lug your MacBook around to different used computer stores or mall outlets in search for someplace to pawn off your device to. Not only are you unlikely to actually get a decent deal at such places, the entire process is far more hassle than it’s worth.

These days, it’s much easier to simply sell your device online. Here at Mac Me an Offer, you can easily trade-in your MacBook Air using our streamlined process, which is primarily handled online. All you have to do is input the make and model of your device into our Mac Estimator and you will get a general idea of the worth of your device in question.

After that, initializing the actual MacBook Air trade-in couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is follow the simple on-screen instructions and you will be well on your way to selling your device in a safe and secure fashion without the hassle of looking for a buyer or making a physical transaction. This is clearly the superior method for trading in any Apple device, as it is not only intuitive and easy to deal with, but doesn’t leave any room for annoying issues such as having to post social media listings or haggling with strangers over the Internet just to get a fair price.

As far as other trade-in tips are concerned, you can make the process even easier by cleaning up your device beforehand and making sure it is functioning properly and has all of the proper peripherals. The better your device looks and the better it functions, the more likely you are to receive a great deal on it when you trade it in. Here at Mac Me an Offer, we take computers in a variety of different conditions but are always seeking MacBooks that show signs of proper upkeep and minimal wear, which allow us to offer the best possible price during the transaction.

So before beginning the actual trade-in process, you want to take into consideration the general state of your MacBook and if you would be willing to purchase it in the current state it is in. Take the time to clean it up by dusting in between the keys, removing any stickers or decals, cleaning off the screen, and making sure any other visual blemishes are dealt with as best as possible.

Afterwards, be sure to save any data you intend on keeping before logging out of the iCloud and deleting all of your personal data and files from the hard drive. While this isn’t completely necessary, it’s a good safety measure to follow and helps you discern the functionality of the computer in case it’s been a while since you last used it.

By following these simple tips, your MacBook trade-in process will go a whole lot smoother. If you still need more information as to how to sell your MacBook Air, you can reach out to us at 800-581-8987 and we would be happy to help you.